Monday, May 18, 2009

My Garden, the Second Week in May

The spaghetti squash is looking good.

The blueberry bush may not have a lot of leaves,
but it has a ridiculous amount of blueberries growing.

I planted these chive seeds last year and nothing.
This year they appeared all on their own.

This is why I'm no longer weeding my garden.
I have a lettuce, carrots and possibly tomato plants appearing mysteriously.

My corn is just so pretty. It makes me smile.
Birds? Someone pulled out a few of the smaller stalks.
I've started some more corn seeds.
The leaves on my strawberry plant are three times bigger than last year.
This is the first strawberry I spotted. There are many, many more to come.
I am incapable of properly pruning my dwarf pear tree.
I tried last year after reading and researching how.
It didn't work. It's super extra big and bushy now.
I wonder if the squirrels will steal all my pears again this year.
I picked up a raspberry and blackberry bush on clearance.
They looked very sad. I never got around top planting them in the fall.
They stayed inside. Leaves grew. They were happy.
Then they got infected with some little wormy things.
Yuck. I put them outside. The bugs died and so did the plants.
They started coming back and it was warmish, so I planted them in the yard.
Then it got extra cold and they died again. These poor plants.
But hurray! The blackberry leaves have emerged.
The raspberry, not yet, but I have faith.