Monday, February 25, 2008

Granite Tile Kitchen Counter

I went downstairs to get a better handle on how much stuff I'll actually need to have room for in my new cabinets. Not as much as I thought, btw. And found tile I totally forgot I had! (I'm a Realtor, so people give me random stuff when they're moving.)

I'll post those pics later, but I also stumbled upon several boxes of black granite tile. I was planning on using them in the bathroom once that got remodeled ten years from now. But granite is very slippery when wet, so I was a little aprehensive about that. Which got me it really a good idea to use granite for flooring anywhere? Probably not.

So, I looked online and found a bunch of links for granite tile kitchen counters. The seems aren't overly noticeable, and it'll be a million times cheaper than granite slab. I'm still on the fence but feel free to leave me comments and give me your two cents.